Saturday, December 18, 2010

Top 10

I thought I would look back at my pages and pick ten of my favourites from 2010.  They may not be the 'best' pages, they are certainly not perfect, but for one reason or other, they are my favourites :-).  So, in no particular order ...

A bit chilly:
 LOVE the colours on this one.  I just LOVE brights :-)  I don't often do clouds ... and really liked them on this page.  I decided to make that kite out of the blue one day - and I am not one for handmaking embellies!! 

Daddy's arms:
 I have mixed feelings about this page ... but I really like how the masking turned out.  And gotta love kraft!!  :-)

Park daze:
 This one is really different for me.  I don't 'do' scene type pages, and I hadn't intended to this to be one, it just turned out that way!!  Not sure if I just like it just because it's different to my 'normal' work or what.  Love that cloud paper tho :-)

Little Star:
 That pic is one of my favourites ... little chubby cheeks :-)  I love that quote too ... "Twinkle twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are?' and I'm so glad the masking on this one turned out like it did!!

Just peekin':
 I love that the colours matched the pics so well!!  This was one of Sara's gorgeous sketches, I think it would be my favourite sketch of hers!  I love that the elephant matched perfectly too :-)

Thinking happy thoughts:
 I have mixed feelings about this one too.  But, over all, I LOVE kraft and pink :-)

When she laughs:

 This one is really old LOL ... but I LOVE that pic of Miss B.  I think this was when I was getting into the whole 'clustering' thing. 

Take my breath away:
 I don't really know why I like this page so much ... is it the colours?  A bit different for me, but I think they worked really well...???  Hmmm ... can't pinpoint anything exactly, I just like it .. LOL

A little shy:

Cosmo Cricket DeLovely ... sigh ... my fav ever range of pp's!!  So 'me' and so FUN to work with!! 

Bubbler boy:
This one is REALLY old too LOL.  I actually really like the black die cut paper - weird hey!!  And, I had a loan of Mum's sewing machine so I actually sewed on this page!!!

So, there you have it.  I know 2010 isn't over yet, but not sure I'll fit in much more scrapping!!  I do have a few more pages to take photos of ... but it's raining again here.

What are your favourites for 2010??  Leave me a comment - I'd love to see them!! 


Unknown said...

Loving all your favs Chloe! Great choices!! My favs of your!! are "Twinkle Twinkle" for Dallas and "When she Laughs" for Bethany. I will try and get mine up on Monday. Hope you are having a lovely weekend :) xo

Leanne J said...

hey Miss C.. they are all stunning... stunning... stunning... i love them all... not sure which is my fav..but i think the shy Bethany one.. stunning... will have to have a look and do a top 10 now.. awesome... oh yeah.. and dont you just love the rain.. {NOT]].. over it...

Jasmine S said...

What a great thing to do. I still have about 2 boxes of LOs piled high to put in albums. Maybe I can do a top 10 as I sort them. They are all fab and it is great to see so many different styles. Merry Christmas

Kim said...

sigh Chloe these are all soooooooooooo delish!

Photography said...

They are all really different and I just love them all :-) Thanks for you encouraging comment today - meant a lot :-) xx

Natalie Elphinstone said...

I've loved looking over all these Chloe. I know you said these aren't necessarily your best, but I think each one of them is gorgeous anyway! I love them all - it really captures your style when you post them all together like this too. Love your use of misting, and layers and cute embellishments!

RStovall said...

Fun idea! I just love all your texture you have on your pages... the images make me want to just reach out and touch!
Great set of picks!