Saturday, December 24, 2011

The day before Christmas ...

One more sleep until Santa visits!!

Keep watching ... you might see him  :-)

Wishing all my lovely blog readers a very happy Christmas ...
with lots of surprises ...

and yummy things to eat ...

And hope you get to put your feet up ;-)

And Best Wishes for a happy, healthy and creative 2012.

Thanks for your support and friendship over the past year - I do appreciate it :-)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Base jumping ...

There's a new challenge over at Scrapz.Biz and it's called Base Jumping ... sounds quite extreme hey :-).  It's really fun and has proved really popular with the forum scrappers :-)   How it works - we provide a 'base' from which everyone begins, and then everyone adds photos, embellishments and more paper as desired. 

This was my first time at setting a 'base jump' challenge:

The base I created:

Which then became this:

I've used Crate Paper Farmhouse range for this page ... with some other bits and pieces too :-)

It's so interesting to see how others build on the base that's provided :-).

Well, I haven't had much to share lately because I haven't scrapped for over a month now.  I'm hoping that now my sale is finished and Christmas pressies have all been made etc etc ... I might find some time and some mojo ;-)

Have a great weekend!  Thanks for visiting :-)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This is our happily ever after :-)

Recently, we had a family photo shoot done with our favourite photographer LaBelle Photographics.  As always, I am super impressed with the end result - I love them all :-).  We all had so much fun on the day - the kids just loved the balloons!

Here's a peek ... I'm sure the pics will pop up on some pages before too long :-)

I think I need to get family photos done more regularly - kids just grow too fast.  How often does everyone else get pics taken?

Thanks for visiting :-) :-)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sale is over ... THANK YOU :-)

Well, my last sale for the year is now over and it's been a great success.  A huge thank you to all of you who made an order or simply messaged me to give me feedback - THANK YOU!!!  I appreciate it all so much!

I am busy making my way through the orders I have received.  Orders are made up as they come in ... so those of you who ordered yesterday morning, your order is packed and ready to go :-) :-).  Everyone will be emailed/messaged when their order is posted :-)

Have a great day everyone! 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Last Rainbow Splendour SALE for the year :-)

Good morning and welcome to the last Rainbow Splendour sale for the year :-).  Thank you for popping in :-) ... just a reminder that the sale will last all weekend until Monday morning 9am ... so there will be plenty of time to have a look around :-).  The products this time are a mix of some select 'old favourites', some NEW goodies and my Christmas range.
Please browse through the items for sale and if you would like to buy some goodies, email me with your order (Please note, my email addy has change since the last sale).
With your order, please include:
- your name and address
- how you want to pay (Paypal or Direct Deposit)

Postage will be actual cost - and I'll let you know when I reply to your order.  I'm finding that orders are mostly costing $1.20.  Orders over $25.00 will have free postage :-).  International postage will start at $4.00.

Please bear in mind that I use mostly vintage buttons, so it's very rare to get two the same! And most things are drawn and cut out freehandedly - so each is unique ;-). Let me know if you have any questions about anything!

Pinwheel sizes are:
large: 3" squared
medium: 2.5" squared
small: 2" squared
mini: 1" squared

First up is our yummy new felt pops. 
Heart Felt Pops $2.50:
These come in a pack of three in a mix of red/light pink/hot pink and white.

Star Felt Pops $2.50
These come in a pack of three in a mix of red/yellow/white and blue

Butterfly Felt Pops $0.80 each:
Colours are L-R:
Blue, Red, Black, Pink, Purple

Felt Doilies (sold in the pack of 3 as shown:

Primary Doilies $1.50

Christmas doilies $1.50

Girly doilies $1.50

Paper doilies (sold in pack of four as shown)

Map paper doilies $1.50

Pink Notebook paper doilies $1.50

Christmas trees (these are approx 3" high)

Green felt Christmas tree $1

Red Felt Christmas tree $1

Felt present toppers (these are appox 3" round)

Green felt present topper $1

Red felt present topper $1

Windmills (these are a mini pinwheel on a toothpick and sold as a pack of three as shown)

Christmas windmills $2.50

Neutral windmills $2.50

Primary windmills $2.50

Yellow windmills $2.50

Pink windmills $2.50

Red windmills $2.50

Blue windmills $2.50

Lace pinwheels (these are 2 small pinwheels as shown)

Red lace pinwheels - $3.00

Black lace pinwheels $3.00

Pink lace pinwheels $3.00

Blue lace pinwheels $3.00

Felt mushrooms (These consist of 2 mushrooms - each are approx between 2-2.5" high)
****All Mushrooms SOLD OUT*******

Red mushrooms $2.50

Green mushrooms $2.50

Black mushrooms $2.50

Pinwheel packs (1 large pinwheel, 1 medium pinwheel, 1 small pinwheel as shown)

Shades of red $3.00

Shades of blue $3.00

Shades of pink $3

Mini Pinwheels (3 mini pinwheels as shown)

Christmas mini pinwheels $1.00

Primary mini pinwheels $1.00

Pink mini pinwheels $1.00

Blue mini pinwheels $1.00

Paper envelopes  ... Great for your hidden journaling! Or just as a cute embellishment :-)
Sizes are:
large: 2.5" x (just over) 2"
small: just over 1.5" x 1.5"

2 large music paper envelopes $1.20

3 small book paper envelopes $1.00

Mixed pack envelopes $2.00

And that's it for this sale :-) I hope there is something there that catches your eye :-).
I will be replying to emails as soon as I can over the weekend.
Thanks for visiting and hope you have a great weekend :-) :-)