Monday, October 12, 2009

A variety...

A variety of projects to share today... First up is Miss Bethany's creation!! This is the birthday card she made for her Daddy. I helped her punch out the shapes and place the letter stickers (!!) but the rest is all hers. :-) ... what talent!!! She just loves creating things now and would love to have free reign of my scrapping stuff. LOL!

Then, this is my card from a colour challenge at Scraps Of Us. The colours (obviously) were green, orange, pink and blue. So bright and colourful with the "spring" feeling.
Then, here is another project I did up the other day. (It is a tissue box, can you tell??) Have a few more to do for pressies.... they are surprisingly easy and fun to make. Love the green and purple combo in this one.

Can hear my little boy waking up so must keep going. Happy scrapping to all the scrappers out there who pop by :-) ... hope everyone has a lovely week.

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Anonymous said...

Better watch out, Bethany will be giving you some serious competition soon! :-) Loving the smily face stickers, so cute for a card to daddy!Also think that tissue box is pretty cute - can you guess why? lol!!! :-D
Well done as usual - still can't work out how you get the time or energy to do all this amazing stuff!!

Love S (can't remember by Google password!!! :-))