Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The beach...

It's been a while since we went to the beach, just been a bit slow in scrapping the pics! We actually wondered how Bethany would like the whole surf thing, but she LOVED it to bits!! (After an initial wariness of course!) She just wanted to sit down in the waves ... luckily Daddy was there to catch her before she got drenched ... lol! She loved playing in the sand too, and these pics were of her building sand castles ---->

You can't tell by the pic, but I sparkle Mod-Podged the Thickers and it looks great!

Well, some exciting news from me, I am getting another layout published! It will be in Scrapbooking Memories Vol11 No11 .... make sure you look out for it ... lol :-). I think it will be the Christmas edition.

Hope everyone is having a great week, happy scrapping. Thanks again for all the lovely comments :-)

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Anonymous said...

ooooh!!How EXCITING!!!!! Have been MEANING to ask you if there is going to be anything published. Well done!!!! :-) Also just LOVE the papers from SAW. Bet you're going to have fun!!!! Can't wait to catch up and see all your latest pages 'for real' I've actually got a couple done recently too. Amazing!! :-)