Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Round 2

Here is my entries for round two of the DT comp. The criteria was to scrap a LO of an achievement in our life and use a particular technique. The card had to congratulate someone on an achievement and use a technique also. We then had to write a step-by-step instuctions for the technique we chose to do. I debated a while about the technique and tossed up on a few! Finally decided to make a strip flower. I made these out of book paper to suit the theme of my page .... which was a pic of me "Finally" graduating from uni!! How young do I look!!! lol...
And here's the card ... I made a strip flower for this as well.
Will share Round 3 here tomorrow - got to draw out the process!!!
Went and got Dallas weighed today - he's 6.2kg! The nurse was like, "Wow, how old is this baby?? Did you say 10weeks??" lol! I am not surprised, I'm the one who carries him around all day (OK, slight exaggeration there and know how sore my arms/shoulders/neck get!!!

Well, I'm off to see if I can squeeze in some scrapping before the kids wake up from their sleeps. Thanks to everyone who pops by and especially for the lovely comments. Hope everyone is having a lovely day :-)

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