Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Black and pink...pink and black :-)

Have been doing a few more challenges over at Scraps of Us - card ones actually. Some I can't reveal yet as I am hoping to use them for some October birthdays (you know who you are :-)!!!) - but I will share this one:

The challenge was to make a card using left over scraps of paper, hearts somewhere on it (embellie or on pp's, whatever), and left over alphas.

As I have a huge box of leftovers, (actually make that TWO boxes!!!) this was an easy one!! I even had a selection that matched! LOL! I am loving the paler colours on a black background at the moment. (Note to self: buy more black cards!!) And, of course, I can never get enough pink! Or bling! Or buttons! OK, I'll stop now ... LOL!!!

I am finding these challenges at Scraps of Us lots of fun, although, with only a day to complete each one, I just know some days they won't get done!! But, that's OK :-). Today's challenge is a sketch which I really like, but not sure if I will complete it in time.

On that note, better keep going :-)!!! Hope everyone is having a lovely day! Am thinking of my Mum today who is back at work after a lovely holiday (some of which she spent with us - looking after us all) - hope you're having a good day Mum!! {hugs}

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