Thursday, October 29, 2009

Round 3

OK, here is my entries for the third and final round of the DT comp. This was a VERY interesting challenge ... we had to make a LO for $5 and a card for $3! It was tricky trying to work out how much each thing cost! Here is my LO: A gorgeous pic of Dallas - one of my favourites from Linley's photoshoot. The title is "Almost 2 weeks old" (just in case you can't read it - lol!)
Here's the card. For some funny reason, I liked matching the cards to the LO's!!
And that's it, now we just wait for the announcement to be made! It was certainly an interesting comp and I scrapped a pic of myself for the first time!
I have managed a page today. Will share maybe tomorrow :-)

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Anonymous said...

Have been meaning to write a comment for what seems like ages!! Have loved checking what you've done - I get to see them sooner than when I visit!! All beautiful work again of course - hope you're successful for the DT comp. The photo of Dallas with the teddies looks even more stunning in your LO. It was lovely to see the LO of yourself too - something very different for you to do one of yourself!! The colours worked well with your gown sash. All well done:-}

Love YFM (PS YFD loves looking at your blogs too)