Thursday, January 20, 2011

I scrap here ...

Donna has a little friendly competition running on her blog ATM ... and you have to share a pic of your scrap space ... otherwise known as creative zone :-).   Well, here you go Donna :-)

I scrap on a table in our family area ... no scrap room for me ... this is what it looks like ... when it's 'tidy' LOL.
I won't share a pic of when it's at it's messiest ... sorry ... LOL... !!  Nor will I show you the terribly unorganised storage area underneath the table! 



Julie Richardson said...

WOW now that is a lot cleaner then mine!

donna said...

Thanks for joining in Chloe! Come on Julie.. are you going to share with us too???
Donna xxx

Sar said...

Aw thanks for sharing, Chloe! ANY scrap space is a good scrap space honey.... xx

Anonymous said...

What, you mean there's a table under there after all?!! Just joking!!!!!! :-)

S xo

Love your two latest LO's too!!!!

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Thanks for showing us your scrap area :)