Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weird Wednesday

How weird is the sky today?!?!?! It's like the world is glowing orange! Seems like it's pretty wide spread - even down south. Have taken photos of the view from out back door - not sure it will look the same as real life tho!

Today I decided to put some pics on here of some older pages (not the real old ones tho!!! My style has changed SO much since then!). Just so the poor people who stumble upon this blog in these early days have something to look at! LOL! The two below are for challenges this month at Savvy. "When Bethany met Dallas" was for the random challenge: using 2 different masks. Was fun to do something different! The pics of B and D were taken in hospital. She just adores him :-)!!

This one ... "Baby faces" was for the scraplift challenge. Pics of Dallas when he was 5 days old. Awww... so cute! LOL!

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