Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Friday!

Nearly the end of another week! How time flies when you are having fun. LOL! Life is certainly interesting with 2 little people who more often than not, need Mummy's attention at the same time. Have been glad of my Mum's help during my recovery and I know she loved having time with us too :-).

I have a couple of pages to share today, and maybe I will post some more later as well. The first page is for the Savvy cybercrop. Only managed a couple of challenges this time, I don't seem to have as much 'spare time' as say... 6 weeks ago! LOL!!! :D

The challenge for this one was .... spring colours, the word 'spring' in the title, and flowers of course!! This is my take: 'It smells like spring'. (the photo was taken by Linley Gordon during Dallas' 2 week photo shoot)

This one is for this month's sketch challenge at Savvy:

The pics were taken on Bethany's birthday....having a birthday treat in the park (a lemonade iceblock).

I really need to keep going on Dallas' thank you's so maybe I should hold off doing pages for a while :-)!! It's quite fun scrapping things in blue now, I am enjoying it :-).

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Unknown said...

Wow, all looking fantastic!! Loving all the LO's of course! You've obviously mastered the clustered embellishments thing! :-)
Can't believe you're managing to do all this with a newborn...well done!!! After sorting out passwords etc, it's now given me the anonymous option that it didn't, last time! Typical!!! Sigh...