Monday, January 18, 2010


Savvy have their CC on this weekend and it's a good one!!! I've done a couple of pages already and hope to do some more if I can get photos printed in time!

Anyway, this is for the blind scrap - where you get a list of materials and then written instructions on how to put the page together. I have never done one before as I thought I would struggle a bit and .... I was right! To begin with, I didn't have all the materials so I had to improvise. Then, the title just wouldn't go where it was meant to, so I moved it. Oh well, it turned out not too bad.

Family...{photo by Linley}
Hope everyone has a fantastic week....will post some more pages soon :-)

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Sarah Lou said...

The layout is so beautiful and dainty!!!! Love the glitter aplhas!