Thursday, December 10, 2009


I have finally got these completed and the last ones sent ------>
Just thought I'd be artistic and take a pic of a few of them to share :-). I had a lot of fun making them.


Michelle Jamieson said...

These are just gorgeous, Chloe!

Thanks for popping by my blog and saying Hi!! :)

Chelle Xx

Unknown said...

Hi Chloe :) Nice to 'meet you' :) thanks for your kind comments, love what you have been creating too, congrats on your gorgeous bub!!

Sarah Lou said...

They are so so so darling!!!! just perfect!!!

Shell said...

They are beautiful Chloe. Yum to that colour and cute pics too.

Unknown said...

Oh so cute! What a great idea! Thanks for stopping by my spot! Great to meet you!