Friday, August 5, 2011

The sale has started!!!

Lots of goodies available over here:

The direct link to my 'stall' is HERE .... :-) :-) :-)

Here's some more sneaks:

map paper pinwheels -

2 tone -

And felt trees :-) :-)

and much more!!!

Have a great weekend!!


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Jasmine S said...

Hi Chloe, now i have had dramas today losing then finding my purse but in the meantime cancelled my credit card so I will need to wait for my new one to update paypal etc etc. Can't access my direct deposit at this stage etc etc.
But I would so love to order a few things. Can I order and then pay next week when hopefully I am up and running again?
If so, can I please order one set of red book paper pin wheels, one set of each of the 3 lots of trees. They are sooooo cute.
Do I need to do through the site or is this message ok?