Thursday, May 19, 2011


You know those rides at the shops ... that cost a ridiculous amount of money ... go around and around for five minutes ... and then stop ... leaving the kids to plead and stomp their feet for another ride???

You know the ones??

Yes, well, I have always told my children they are broken.  I am quite prepared to test this when the time comes and they question this statement.  I will produce a coin (5c), place it in the slot and .... wait for it .... oh look, the ride must be broken, it doesn't work!!  LOL ... I have it all planned :-)

ANYWAY ... my poor deprived children are soooo lucky they have a generous Nana to treat them to things like this. 

See the grins - from ear to ear :-)

Using more Crate Paper Neighbourhood ... are you sick of it yet??!  LOL  I just adore this little key :-)

Hope you are having a great week :-)


Ella Swan said...

Chloe you are too sneaky! Nah, I used to do exactly the same thing LOL...Love this layout - great titling & love the white journaling against the black...

Leanne J said...

oh i HATE those things.. i usually let mine sit in it for a minute and then they have to say bye..but they definately should be BANNED from all

anyho. this is super the shape of the middle bit..looks super fantastic...woohoo.. and so NOT sick of that range yet..woohoo..

Sue Plumb said...

bahahahaha...I never give my little miss those rides either - I always tell her we've got no money! LOL (But her nana & auntie are both suckers!) Love this LO, especially that embellishment cluster! XXX

Heather Jacob said...

love your story Chloe .. LOL !!!!! I am one of those grandmothers who gives the kids a ride and yes they do go round and round and round for 2 minutes and then ?????
your page is so gorgeous full of
bright colours and fun and happiness ..... those pics are soooo gorgeous ...hugz x

Anonymous said...

'Bout time I left a comment hey?! :-) Loving all your recent LO's. Gorgeous range of pp's!!!! LOVE the photo of D in this post, and LOVE the photo of R and B in the previous one. Too cute!!!! :-)
The one time I gave in and let the kids have a ride, Xavier wanted to get off as soon as it started. More fun just playing on them LOL!!! :-)

S xo

Tamara said...

Lily loves those rides, but I'm lucky that sometimes she's happy just to sit in it, and I don't actually have to put any money in.

Great layout :)

Samantha said...

Oh WOW! so love this design and the cluster of eye candy! totally JOY!

Jasmine S said...

This is a fabulous design and that cluster, just yummy.
And yep, know those rides. The kids have to be happy to sit in it as I too refuse to put in $2. Had not thought of the 5c trick. Thanks
One day when DS was young I told him to keep walking as the ride was broken.
Anyway, on the way back another child was sitting in it having a ride and DS said "see Mummy, it is working". I felt kinda guilty but we kept walking.....

Kim said...

totally love the unusual design!

Vicky Varvadouka said...

Awww..They are so cute!!! My mother also takes them to such rides!!! What can you do? I love that colorful and fun layout!!!

Unknown said...

Too cute!!! Love all the happy bright colours to match in the the happy smiley faces! Fab design too :))xx

Cynthia Lloréns said...

Hi Cloe....I just love to read your post!!!!I never give my little girl those rides either !!!! I always tell her mamy don´t got no money!!!!
I love the photo at all!!!Great take !
I just love to came and see all you have always another gorgeus work!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend with the family!!!
Hugs and Kisses from Brazil