Monday, August 23, 2010

Some blog awards :-)

A couple of awards to share today! I received this cute award from JanR ... thanks Jan!!! {I just love the cupcakes :-) }

OK, the rules of this award:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award. √
2. Add it to your blog. √
3. List 3 things about yourself.

  • I don't like early mornings
  • I love reading and I almost always have 2 books on the go at once
  • I truly believe that all things happen for a reason

4. Post your favourite pic. I wasn't sure if this was meant to be one taken myself, so if it was, I cheated!! This is one of my all time favourite photos taken by LaBelle Photographics (who takes all our professional photos). This little boy is now one!! Here he is nearly 2 weeks old - wasn't he just so tiny and cute :-). I remember this time so well.... we were so worried about him, we was not putting on weight and was jaundiced. Anyway, not so long after this, things got a lot better and believe it or not, he actually got little fat rolls :-)

5. Send the award to five people:

Then ...........

I received this Bonny Blog award from the lovely Sue (fellow DT at Handmade by Suzanne) ... thank you Sue!!!

Here are the rules that go with this award...
1. Put the Swap Sisters Bonny Blog Award on my blog.
2. Share 5 things about myself (I'm going to cheat and just add 2 because I already put 3 for the other award LOL)

  • I 'misplace' my mobile phone all the time and have to ring it to find it LOL
  • My 'handbag' is a backpack at the moment and contains everything except the kitchen sink. The only thing is, I can never find my keys in it when I need them!

3. Pass the award onto 5 other Bonny Blogs. These ladies inspire me:

4. Add links to my 5 chosen Bonny Blog Winners.
5. Let them know they have been chosen to win the Swap Sisters Bonny Blog Award by leaving a comment on their blog.


Kim said...

Thanks Chloe, will get to this asap...

Domestic Mamma said...

Thanks for thinking of me Chloe :)

Shell said...

Awww shucks Thanks Chloe.xx

Marelize said...

Thanks for the lovely award Chloe. The first 3 things on your list about yourself sound just like me. Lol, we've got a lot in common. :)

Pam Petersen said...

Chloe time does fly. It's is sad the children grow so so quick. I had a chuckle when you said about the mobile phone. I do that, I don't like it when it has gone flat though. All the harder to find. Congratulations on your awards.

Kate said...

thanks for the award chloe!! :D

Jasmine S said...

Hi Chloe, just popped in to say congrats on the LO in this month's SM. Received it last night and thought, I know that gal. Gorgeous LO. Love that little face having so much fun up high.....Congrats