Saturday, July 31, 2010


I just wanted to say a big
to my followers
and regular commenters...
you put a smile on my face :-)
I've put together 4 little prize packs
so please leave a comment
and let me know which
number/s you would like :-)
1. The 'family' pack
2. The 'boy' pack
3. The 'girl' pack

4. The 'Rusty Pickle' pack
You never know, I might find some extras to throw in as well :-)
I will leave this open for a week and draw names next Saturday 7 August.

Have a great weekend!!!


Sue Plumb said...

Oh Chloe, you are such a sweetheart! I just love visiting your blog and seeing your gorgeous creations. Can u pls put me in the draw for the "girlie" pack (No. 3)...I am such a pink addict! LOL XXX

laterg8r said...

ooo, the girl pack (i do have 3) :D

Anonymous said...

I have very much enjoyed following your blog Chloe. So interesting seeing the work you do. It is the Family pack that catches my eye.

Glenda K

Michelle H. said...

That is so sweet of you!!
I enjoy the inspiration here on your blog!!
I love the Rusty Pickle!
Have a fabulous day!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, now, let me see....big decision....but...I think it's just gotta be the BOY one!!!! (Bet you never would have guessed :-D)

Very sweet of you to have such a big giveaway! Hope your weekend is going great!

S xo

Liz Weber said...

OH noice one Chloe, congrats on the blog giveaway, I am trying to get some stuff together to do one as well so thanks for the inspiration here.

I LOVE the pretty Girl Pack!

JanR said...

Oh, I'm torn.....Rusty Pickle or Family.....Rusty Pickle or Family.......hmmmmmm......I'll go with Rusty Pickle. Thanks for doing this Chloe!

Domestic Mamma said...

So generous of you Chloe, I would love number 1. The Family Pack. I was heading over here to let you know there is something on my blog for you xx

Kate said...

3!!! LOVE girly stuff!!

love dropping by your blog chloe to see what you are up to :)

gea said...

wow ! I love it all !! but I have girls, so no 3 for me !

Unknown said...

You are too kind Chloe! What an awesome giveaway!
Love the boy pack!
Thanks for the chance xo

Leah l'Orange said...

awww, how awesome is this, Chloe?! well i suppose what goes around comes around, right? :) lots of good karma comin' your way, girlfriend!

love the idea of these little "kits" - that rusty pickle one is my fave of the bunch, but they're all cute! :D

Larisa said...

Hello Chloe!
I found your nice blog just now))) I am a follower now.
Thanks for nice candy. I hope I can take part in it? I linked it on sidebar.
Hugs. Larisa. xxx

Larisa said...

Oh, just I forgot to tell I love packs number 2 and 4 )) But all are so good)))

Kelly Massman said...

4. The 'Rusty Pickle' pack would be my choice!

You have some great work here! I found you through the stuck blog hop!!! Into my RSS feed you go!