Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A double!!

Once upon a time I did heaps of doubles - on the impression that facing pages in my albums should be matching. Hahaha - got over that fairly quick :-). I don't do many doubles now, but here is one that I just HAD to do as a double and quite enjoyed it really! It's another beach one - old news I know, sorry.
Oh to have another one of those holidays *sigh*!!!

Then, I realised that I haven't shared this card before either so here you go :-). It was for a comp at SOU. It is actually using one piece of pp, carefully cutting out the different pieces and turning them over to use the reverse!! Can you tell?? lol!

Not much other scrapping happening ATM, but want to make some more Christmas cards so that's my next project along with some DT work. Fun!!! :-)


Unknown said...

Just GORGEOUS chloe :-)the colours are just stunning. I haven't done a double in ages too!

Anonymous said...

Just love that card. What an awesome idea! Wouldn't have had a clue if you hadn't said!! :-)